Whether you are investing for Growth, Income or Protection, you are able to achieve your ambitions through Absa Investments’ shared expertise, drive and capabilities.

Our capabilities, products and performance through various market cycles are proof that our focus on our areas of expertise will help you achieve your goals.

Your Income Strategy 

Whatever your income needs, we have a solution. The level of income that you earn will be dependent on your initial capital, the risk you are prepared to take and your time in the market.

Sustain your lifestyle

Ensure you have the money to attain desired standards.


Protect your income

Invest some of your capital to achieve growth-orientated goals.


Combat inflation 

Your ability to afford the world of tomorrow.


Investment options

Selecting the right income product for your particular goals and circumstance depends on the level of income certainty required, level of control over the income, financial requirements of your dependents in event of your death, your current age and state of health.  

Unit Trusts

We have a range of onshore and offshore income providing solutions.

Investment Account

This is an investment solution that will offer you a regular income from a portfolio of underlying investment options.

Living Annuity 

Provides you with a flexible investment vehicle from which a regular and adjustable retirement income is received.  

Guaranteed Outcome

Provides you with a guaranteed income to suit your needs.

Do you have other reasons to invest?


You want to invest more aggressively and make greater capital gains.

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You want to protect some or all of your invested capital.

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