Our Multi-Management team’s success is based on sound investment philosophy, a strong focus on investment processes and diverse skills and expertise. We focus on five key investment disciplines namely manager selection, strategy selection, blending, optimisation and risk management. 

In applying this multi-dimensional investment process, the interaction between the key contributors to superior performance is examined for each mandate.

Reasons to consider Multi-managed investments

Active asset allocation, and style diversification, in a multi-managed investment portfolio offers an all-encompassing (one-stop) option. Being part of an integrated organisation provides our team with access to a wealth of resources and infrastructure, freeing them up to do what they do best; blending managers and skills for positive outcomes.


Redefining our role

Understanding the needs and challenges facing the intermediary in this landscape.

Manager of strategies

Differentiated by management of investment strategies – and not managers.


Portfolio construction

A combination of benefits, expected market conditions and diversification.


Accreditation, Awards and Accolades

Delivering consistently superior investment performance for our clients is what builds long-term success and our core purpose - and has earned Absa Multi Management several awards including:

Thought Leadership

We are redefining the role of a multi-manager. That strategy of reinvention and setting ourselves apart by varying our approach allows questions and debates - which we are more than happy to participate in, and share, with you.

Great minds search for the exceptional . . . we invite you to join our journey

“The South African retail investment and retirement landscape has experienced significant changes in terms of shifting demographics, wealth distribution and regulation. It is within this rapidly changing environment that Absa Multi Management is able to set itself apart as the provider of choice for investment and retirement planning solutions.”

— Jonel Mathee | Head: Absa Multi Management

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Our Approach

We understand investor challenges, circumstance and goals and then offer appropriate investment advice.


We offer a versatile portfolio range allowing for sound planning across a broad range of needs.