Being part of the Absa Group with its wealth of resources and infrastructure enables Absa Multi Management to implement a business model that allows focus, specialisation and efficiency.

Given its simplicity, flexibility and long-term benefits, a multi-managed investment portfolio offers an all-in-one solution as a core element of an investment planning solution.


We offer institutional investors a range of multi-management solutions that provides them with access to the top local and international investment managers.


Alternative solutions and institutional value proposition. 



Global discretionary portfolio 

offshore fund of funds.


Discretionary investment management consists of core and bespoke solutions.

Current Solutions

Our manager selection and portfolio construction processes are focused on investors’ risk and return requirements. Our range of multi-managed portfolio solutions have become the preferred answer to some of the country’s top pension and provident funds, state owned enterprises and corporates, medical aids, trusts, collective investment schemes and other institutions.