Absa Alternative Asset Management is focused on managing index-related (index tracking and enhanced index), alpha generating, absolute return, protection overlay, credit funds and other alternative investment strategies across all asset classes.

The value of all Assets Under Management currently exceeds R75 billion and consist of Equities, Fixed Interest, Commodities, Property, Credit, Currency as well as multi-asset class portfolios. 


The building blocks utilised at Absa Alternative Asset Management have different risk profiles (defined as systemic risk). We are able to combine various risk building blocks to create optimised payoff profiles which, in turn, are aligned with specific investor risk requirements. These blocks can be used individually to address specific systemic risks.

Derivative solutions

Solutions based on our clients’ unique risk and return requirements.


Managed portfolios

Bespoke risk-managed solutions across all asset classes and jurisdictions.


Enhanced yield portfolios

Striving for excess income compared to traditional money market portfolios.


Relevant funds (or products)

We offer a wide range of local and international strategies across all asset classes. Our monthly Minimum Disclosure Documents contain all the relevant fund and portfolio related information. Click on the links below to access the Minimum Disclosure Documents.

Fund Advisable min term  Risk  Downloads
Absa Smart Alpha Equity Fund
5 years + High Fund Commentary
Absa Smart Alpha Property Fund
3 years + Medium-High Fund Commentary
Absa Smart Alpha Defensive Fund 6 months + Low-Medium Fund Commentary
Absa Protected Accumulator 3 years + Low