Absa Active Asset Management has a proven track record of producing sustainable risk-adjusted returns. We aim to provide consistent, long-term investment performance to both individual and institutional investors.

The constant driving force in our approach to investment is service delivery . . . our unending focus on our clients’ requirements is what helps us deliver the exceptional.

Reasons to believe in Asset Management

By conducting robust research, we can take advantage of market inefficiencies and capture sources of return. We invest money with an absolute sense of personal accountability. Our institutional clients include pension and provident funds, institutions, corporates, government structures, medical aids, trusts and collective investment schemes.

Specialised skills

In money markets, fixed interest, absolute returns and balanced equity.


Franchise model

Our franchise model is made up of six unique franchises.


International partnership

Schroders Asset Management brings you global investment products.

Research culture

We find the best ideas and are disciplined to buy and sell at the right price.


Process driven

Making sure there is a consistent, well-defined process that is tried and tested through market cycles.


Award winning

Our performance has earned multiple Raging Bull and Morningstar awards.


Our credentials

We focus on consistent, achievable, long-term returns, taking every precaution to ensure that the investments we select are reputable and well-managed, and will add value to the portfolios. 

Absa Asset Management offers value through multi-skill and multi-capability. Our product and global capabilities provide you with a unique blend of expertise and insights. 

Great minds discuss ideas . . . we invite you to share yours.


“The depth of knowledge, experience and expertise of our team has facilitated the growth and success of our franchise model.”

— Armien Tyer | Managing Executive Absa Investment Management (Caretaker: Absa Asset Management)

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As news, information and opinions become more abundant, investible knowledge is becoming scarcer. Our competitive advantage lies in our judgement and experience, in our ability to synthesise and put into context a range of diverse information.

Our Approach

We follow a single, pragmatic valuation-driven philosophy predicated on quality and sustainable risk-adjusted returns, underpinned by the picking of good-quality companies at the right price.


Our six franchises offer a wide range of local and international funds to complement our investors’ requirements. Each franchise takes responsibility for its own investment outcomes and risk management.