At Absa Asset Management we have a single, pragmatic value-driven philosophy over multiple capabilities. It is an approach that has served our clients’ interests well for over a decade, delivering real long-term returns.

While each of the six franchises is responsible for their own investment outcomes, they do share the same investment philosophy, guiding teams and creating a strong decision making environment. Each franchise employs our philosophy to pursue excess risk-adjusted returns.

Sustainable risk-adjusted returns

We follow a fundamentally research-led approach to generate ideas. We believe this results in superior risk-adjusted returns in the long run, regardless of market volatility.


Detailed bottom-up research


Top-down macro factors


Fundamental value


Since 2006 our philosophy has remained consistent. We believe investment markets are not efficient, and that active portfolio management can add value. 

We also take into account qualitative factors such as company management and point-of-time in the investment cycle.


Absa Asset Management is proud of our record of delivering proven results in response to our clients’ individual requirements.  We are independent thinkers and accountable investors, partnering with you for long-term positive growth.