Commemorating Human Rights Day

For South Africans, 21 March is the day set aside to celebrate Human Rights Day; when we remember the Sharpeville and Langa massacres, and honour those who died in the struggle for human rights in South Africa. Human Rights Day is therefore a remembrance celebration of the fact that we now have a Constitutional Democracy in which our fundamental human rights are protected.

Two years after our democracy, the late Nelson Mandela chose Sharpeville as the site for the signing into law of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. Many of the rights, which the protesters were asking for in 1960 when they took to the street of Sharpeville, are now enshrined in our Bill of Rights and these include the right to:

  • Equality;
  • Human dignity;
  • Freedom of expression;
  • Assembly, demonstration, picket and petition;
  • Freedom of association; and
  • Freedom of movement and residence

Let us continue to do all that we can in contributing towards upholding these liberties. 

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