Have you been looking for an investment that tracks the markets cost efficiently? Absa has seven Passive Funds waiting for you to invest.

Passive funds mirror the market index of stocks or bonds along with their returns. Passive funds are a great option for investors who want to buy and hold, and also for those who are a bit unsure about the world of investments. The funds create an opportunity for diversification of your portfolio.

The Single Manager Passive funds are the Absa Bond Index Fund; Absa Property Index Fund; Absa Top 40 Index Fund; Absa Dividend Plus Index Fund. In addition to these four, there are three Multi-managed Funds which address investors’ needs for a combination of different managers to capture varied expertise and want stable, risk-adjusted returns. These are the Absa Multi Managed Passive Preserver Fund; Absa Multi Managed Passive Accumulation Fund; Absa Multi Managed Passive Growth Fund.

Absa’s offering of Passive Funds allows you to build wealth gradually while enjoying access to index-tracked funds managed in a cost-effective manner. Furthermore, investing in these Funds is a seamless and user-friendly experience. Speak to your local Business Development Manager or your Absa contact.

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