We had the absolute pleasure of having the Absa Asset Management (Pty)Ltd) Absolute Return Franchise as our focus franchise for the most recent External Distribution Channels (EDC) lunches in Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Cape Town. Professor Eben Mare (Prof.) heads up the franchise and manages the funds with the support of Kanyisa Ntontela.

The pair interchangeably discussed their core views and painted a picture as to what the current macro-economic landscape looks like globally and locally. Prof delved into the high levels of uncertainty currently being experienced by market participants. President Donald Trump is keeping market players on edge by keeping everyone guessing on how the United States (US) will deal with their trading partners going forward. Further to that, the rhetoric coming out of the White House demonstrates a high level of political interference and statements around how the president views the Federal Reserve System (FED) chairman, making it difficult for the FED to focus on monetary policy without interruption. Prof says “policy uncertainty leads to bad economics and unstainable growth.” It is alarming that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that 0.75% will be shaved off growth on the back of trade tensions mainly arising from the US.

Kanyisa mentioned that US equities are largely expensive, but there are small pockets where one can still find value. She also gave examples of such stocks and where they have managed to derive that value. She says they bought Apple and Microsoft at good entry levels and low (Price-to-Earnings) PEs relative to their long term trading levels. Domestic equities are showing some value but there is an economic malaise and corporate governance issues. Kanyisa used Oceana as a local case study. She says that the company is “well placed in the protein food chain.” She outlined more than 15 metrics (such as PEs, Dividend Yield (DY), Net Asset Value (NAV), etc) they use to screen such an entity and therefore showed how Oceana currently qualifies as a value stock. For the last two years, they have been able to get multiple entry levels and attractive exit points, allowing them to make their desired return on the stock.
Given poor domestic conditions, stock picking in the Property sector is even more challenging. They like specific companies such as Equites, which is a logistics counter with a strong management team, a well-managed business which has also diversified its operations offshore. The team views Local Bonds as still attractive but with risks of drawdowns. The team keeps its cash in the form of the Absa Money Market fund, which enables them to have high levels of liquidity, at attractive rates.

It is worth noting that the Absa Inflation Beater Fund (which is in the stable of funds that the dynamic duo manage) won the Morningstar* Multi-Asset Low equity award this year. The Inflation Beater Fund is a specialist fund with a benchmark of CPI+3% that invests in South African markets participating in active asset allocation in equities, income-bearing and fixed-interest instruments and inflation-linked bonds. It endeavors to exceed general national inflation levels over the long term without undue risk exposure to the investor and is giving investors a great option at this point in the cycle. The fund is managed using an active asset allocation strategy within which the equity component is limited to a maximum of 20% of the total portfolio.

Source: ABAM (July 2019)
The chart above shows how the Absa Inflation beater fund has consistently performed in excess of the CPI+3% benchmark in the last 10 years. Local equity market performance has been disappointing in the last three to five years, moving away from the double-digit returns investors had grown accustomed to. There is comfort in knowing that one can still find great performance in products such as the Absa Inflation Beater Fund, which is still delivering both above average income and capital growth, despite a particularly tough macro-economic operating environment.

* The Morningstar awards recognize funds and asset managers that add the most value for investors within the relevant peer group over a 5 year period with emphasis on performance over the last year.

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