In recognition of exceptional client performance, the Absa Inflation Beater Fund, managed by Eben Mare and Kanyisa Ntontela, was recognised as the Best Cautious Allocation Fund for the third consecutive year at the 2021 Morningstar Awards. After being a runner-up for the last two years in the Bond Fund category, the Absa Bond Fund, managed by James Turp, was selected as this year’s Best Bond Fund.

This achievement comes on the back of our recent success at the Raging Bull Awards in February, where both the Absa Inflation Beater Fund and the Absa Bond Fund won Raging Bull Awards for the Best South African Multi-Asset Equity Fund on a risk-adjusted basis over five years, and the Best South African Interest-Bearing Fund for straight performance over three years, respectively.

The Inflation Beater Fund is a specialist fund that invests in South African markets, participating in active asset allocation in equities, income-bearing and fixed-interest instruments, and inflation-linked bonds. It endeavors to exceed general national inflation levels over the longer term without undue risk exposure to the investor. The Bond Fund is a specialist portfolio in the fixed income funds category and its primary objective is to seek above average income with some capital growth at below average to average risk for investors.

The Morningstar Awards are held annually and recognise those funds and organisations that have delivered outstanding returns while maintaining prudent risk management in both the last year and historically.

Join us in congratulating Eben, Kanyisa and James for this notable achievement!